VantagePointe agents know their stuff or can find out the answers if they are sure on a tough questions. They return phone or email messages promptly. They’ve been serving our family insurance needs for home and auto for many years. You are in competent and caring hands with VantagePointe. 

– Customer Since 2012

Charity is AMAZING! Every time I have needed to add a vehicle or change my policy…she is extremely kind, helpful and quick. I love this agency and would recommend them to everyone!

– Angie N., Customer Since 2018

Mike Fowle had provided exceptional service to us. He is thorough and very responsive. We appreciate his dedication to providing affordable products.

– Jen K., Customer Since 2019

Alex went the extra mile to put together a package for both personal and business insurance. Advising on things that are necessary as well as not. Thanks. 

– Customer Since 2021

You’ve always been very helpful to me, and VPRM make the task of insuring one’s property very easy, without guesswork. They know their stuff and are able to help. 

– Jennifer W., Customer Since 2015 

Alex and Mike are great. I would highly recommend them to everyone. I love how easy they are to work with and they are always there to help when I need them. I can’t even count the times Alex has been there when I needed them. Very quick to get right on whatever I ask. Couldn’t imagine a better team to work with than these guys

-Sean G., Customer Since 2019

I was paying my auto insurance at an alarming rate for almost 3 years until one day i saw a message challenging me to trust in him to lower the costs. i was hesitant at first but after giving him my information he came back with a quote that was almost 50% lower than what i was currently paying. I was absolutely thrilled. He answered all my questions and was very understanding listening to me just upset at how much i had been over charged paying way too much. I am so glad i trusted in him and now i can rest assured i am getting quality car insurance that i can finally afford.

– Gina B., Customer Since 2021