When I talk with the amazing people in our community, most people understand the importance of insurance, but will also admit that they hate dealing with it.  Falling into the same abysmal category every year with taxes and dealing with your in-laws around the holidays, most people would rather have those same in-laws stay with them for a full holiday weekend rather than review their insurance. 

But insurance doesn’t have to be this way!  Lead singer of the Commodores, Lionel Richie, may not have been referring to insurance back in the 70’s, but if he knew how simple reviewing your insurance can be with today’s technology, it very well could have been (optimistic about my industry, I know).  By the end of this article, I’ll flip your perception of insurance and save you enough time and money to put those in-laws up in a hotel for the weekend instead!

Perks of Working with an Independent Agency

In today’s world, options are abundant with any industry, service, or product.  The same applies for insurance.  Have you ever looked on websites like Priceline or Kayak for flights?  Working with an independent agency operates similarly with insurance companies to compete for your business.  Here is what you can expect when reviewing your insurance with VantagePointe Risk Management:

  1. We can find rates with over a dozen carriers for you at one time. Did I mention these are also ‘real-time’ rates with every carrier?  Not only can we shop the market quickly for you, but also do it accurately. Skip the hassle of calling around to multiple companies and simply reach out to a VPRM agent!
  2. We’ll find what form of communication works best for YOU.  Text, email, or phone, whatever is most convenient for you will work for us!
  3. Looking for lower rates doesn’t have to consume your week.  We can have accurate rates for you in as little as 10 minutes! 
  4. We’ll quote your insurance as if we are quoting our own family.  This guarantees you’ll have the highest of coverage standards in the industry.  Combine that with our consultative approach, we’ll take the time to walk you through your coverages so you can understand it in plain language, not complicated legal contract jargon.
  5. No declaration pages, no problem!  Comparing apples to apples on your current policy is always the best way to evaluate savings and coverages.  However, we know this can be time consuming.  Combining our expertise and agency standards, we know we’ll meet or exceed your coverage needs.  Working with over a dozen carriers, we’re confident we’ll find you a lower premium and have you properly protected.
  6. Dealing with cancelling your old policies can also be a pain.  We can help handle that for you and get you back to what matters most! 

Save Time, Save Money, and Take Control of Your Insurance

Checking off reviewing your insurance on your to-do list just got that much easier.  With the ability of getting everything accomplished the same day, VantagePointe’s family and friends’ approach will maximize your savings and do the leg work for you on the backend.  Add on the ability to establish online accounts with your carrier or use of a mobile app, taking control of your policies has never been simpler.

Ready to save with also obtaining coverages that give you piece of mind?  Call, email or text us today! It’s ‘Easy Like Sunday Morning’!

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Wesley Trimpe

Senior Agent