Inflation is affecting…well, just about everything right now. Here are some useful tips on how you can SAVE BIG on your auto insurance and renters/homeowners insurance.

– Shop around – Here at VantagePointe Risk Management, we can shop a platform of companies for you without getting bombarded with calls, emails, and/or texts by multiple people or sites.

– Purchase your auto, renters/ home owners insurance from one carrier. Bundle your coverage for a multi-policy discount.

– Pay by Electronic Funds Transfer or EFT with a bank account.

– Pay in Full. Yes, this is an option and can be the best pricing.

– Take advantage of a telematics program. Mostly ALL carriers offer these programs and most give a discount just for trying. 

– Shop ahead. If you shop more than 1-30 days out, the rate can decrease.

– Drive Insurance friendly vehicles. Sports cars, Luxury cars, or high theft vehicles are more expensive to insure.

– Add on more than one vehicle to receive a multicar discount.

– Do you have a student away or a good student driver? Ask to see if this discount is offered.

– Keep an incident free record. No accidents, tickets, or roadside assistance claims.

– Maintain a good insurance score. Yes, this too matters. One of the easiest ways to maintain this is to keep good payment history on your policy and maintain liability limits higher than the state minimum.  


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